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The exciting world of content marketing

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Back in the day when I was just a child I began working in my parent’s restaurant in 8th grade.  I began as a dishwasher.  To this day I love washing dishes by hand.  Back then we used a dish washing machine of course but had to wash the big pans by hand.  It was a lot of work.  I also had to wash a lot of dishes after our family meals.  Working in my parent’s restaurant taught me a lot about business.

One of the greatest things I learned is that the best marketing is word of mouth.  Our restaurant was a very popular place because of the great food and amounts my mother prepared and served.  But things have changed and the world of marketing has expanded into what we have today.  Content marketing and social media are here to stay I believe.  And word of mouth is still working.

Here is a great article about some myths of content marketing.  I think the material offered to us through articles like this and social media continue to make our world such an exciting place to do business.  Enjoy this read below from Entrepreneur.com

11 Content Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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