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Everything is changed! Don’t let go of stability from before!

What can you grab from your life before the pandemic that you can hang on to in order to help you maintain stability? It seems like everything has changed, but maybe when we all get through this, that what was there, will still be there when we come through it!

For many, who have lost loved ones, or have been totally displaced because of the pandemic this might be impossible to remember that stable things aren’t there anymore! We can pray God’s grace has got people through. The worse thing is to give up. Only give up to God! don’t give up to sorrow, feelings of defeat, hopelessness! Do not give in to thoughts of suicide! Call that 1- 800 number! Cry out to God! He is there! He is always there! It’s not a religious thing. It, He is a real person full of love and rescue! Don’t lean to your own understanding! My prayer is always for you! I bind the spirit of fear and all the hell that you may be going through. I pray for healing miracles to come to you! Thank you for listening to my thoughts. I am just learning how to step out in faith and begin to write more and more! God bless you and hold you in the palm of His mighty hand! Love, Wandafay!

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